Stella Artois

In a world where people feel like they have less time to enjoy life, Stella Artois believes that taking time to savor life’s special moments is a step taken toward a life well lived. And that matters a lot on a day as special as Father’s Day.

The Opportunity

Our goal was to encourage sons and daughters to break from their reliance on their phones and give their dad’s what they really want for Father’s Day...their children's undivided attention. Because how else would dad know how much you loved him?


How We Did It

We identified and casted millennials that currently live in the United States but whose father’s live abroad or in another state. From there we asked young millennials to participate in a “focus group” to speak about their social media habits, difficulties living abroad and the way they celebrate Father’s Day. But what they didn’t know was that their fathers were sitting in the very same place, with earphones, listening to every single word as they read their heartfelt posts to them - words that these lucky dad’s had never heard before.

The signal for dad to join the conversation? The placing of the second Chalice of Stella Artois. The perfect reminder that ultimately, the best present is to be present.


What We Did

We knew that there was a group of people who had no other option but to rely on limited forms of communications—those whose parents live in another country. On Father’s Day, they would typically write heartfelt posts on their social media pages, however, their dad would often never see them. We set out to help people around the world deliver their IG posts to Dad in IRL - in real life.



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