Stella Artois

What if you were told you needed to wait 6 hours for water?


Today there are hundreds of millions of people around the world do not have access to clean water. This can mean they have to spend up to 6 hours every single day acquiring the water needed to survive. In partnership with and co-founder Matt Damon, Stella Artois wanted to bring attention to this issue and give people an incredibly easy way to make a difference.


The Opportunity

In year 4 of our partnership, Stella Artois and had a very clear objective in mind: help provide access to clean water for 3.5 million people in the developing world by 2020. In order to achieve this goal we knew we needed to go beyond the stats and help people make an emotional connection to the idea of not having instant access to this essential resource.


How We Did It

Our video captured the reactions of real people confronted with suddenly not having water at their fingertips. We then surprised people with a message from Matt Damon about the global water crisis and how it disproportionally affects women in the developing world. We challenged them to think about how their lives would be impacted if they had to spend 6 hours each day fetching water—what if their daughter or sister couldn't get an education because she had to spend that time collecting water? Finally, we offered them a simple way to make a difference. By purchasing one special limited edition Chalice they could make a donation that would provide 5 years of safe, clean water for someone in need.


What We Did

We needed to find a new way to break through so we decided to bring the water crisis home to our audience. So with hidden cameras we set up different scenarios all around the world where people would take access to water for granted.



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